homo bulla


Homo Bulla (Man is but a bubble)/Memento Mori (Remember you will die), 2014.

Transient and vain is everything in our life: everything hangs from the thread of Lachesis. As quickly as the wet swelling of the bubbled water perishes, so the certain hour of death comes to anyone. – Jean Jacques Boissard

The piece is both the object and the act of using the object. Through video I document the use of the object, a deconstructed/reconstructed fold-formed flower petal ring that is also a bubble wand.  The creation of bubbles is an enjoyable, almost compulsive act. Yet each individual bubble exists in this world for only a short time, because of perfect circumstances, before succumbing to its surroundings unexpectedly.  The use of the piece to make bubbles is an invitation to contemplate both the fragility and temporal nature of life as well as the exquisite beauty and joy of it.

video 1: http://instagram.com/p/kgAt8Yl9W3/

video 2: http://instagram.com/p/kf_OJ8F9Ur/



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