(title in progress) process and the ephemeral


(title in progress) process and the ephemeral, 2014

process, method, technique, practice, methodology, skill;

procedure, plan of action, action plan, policy, series of steps, system, strategy, mechanism;

ephemeral, transitory, transient, fleeting, passing, short-lived, momentary, brief, short; temporary, impermanent, short-term;

Through process I develop procedure. The resulting piece(s) is ephemeral.


Anything ephemeral, by its definition, is brief and transient. Ephemeral art, more so than static art (such as a painting), encompasses an impermanent moment in time. The pursuit of this fleeting moment is preparatory. It is about process and procedure. Through process I garner knowledge that I am able to develop into procedure.

My work with flower petals has allowed me to see and problem solve in new ways. I have found solutions specific to this new material and become my own expert. I have learned the language of this material. This piece differs than my previous floral work in that is strips away much of the procedure and is simplified. No longer do I feel like I am fighting against nature and time in my quest to preserve the petals to create permanent, static objects, despite their inherent desire to wilt away. Instead I am working with time. Through this piece I would like to shift focus from the value of the object and place emphasis of the value of making. The final object/presentation is wholly about documentation as the “piece” already occurred.


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