a copy of a copy 2.0


Entropy: The degree of disorder or randomness in the system.  The process for this piece was photocopying the subsequent copy.  The first photocopy was a layout of six postcard-sized images of my piece “A copy of a copy.” I did so twenty-three times.  There are four stages shown above: Photocopy #1 (top left), photocopy #8 (top right), photocopy #16 (bottom left), and photocopy #23 (bottom right).

Each copy shifted slightly, toward the top right (something that occurred during the copying/printing process), and the image began to “push off” the page.  Additionally, the image begins to erode through each ‘copy of a copy’.  I took the images into Photoshop and superimposed all of them together.  Photoshop creates its own artifacts, creating “information” where there is none.



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