Untitled (Language is a virus)


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This is my final piece for the class I took this summer, an independent study section of a course called titled Multiples.  Though only one piece it encompasses many of the techniques I’ve been exploring.  Some of the ‘parts’ I made months ago while some are new.  I’m not quite sure if this one is “done” yet — but that isn’t important.

As far as a brief description of my technical process, the piece is hand-fabricated, fold-formed, and chased.  I prefer not to write anymore on this post about the ‘whys’ or the ‘hows’ of my thought process.  Much of that is available on other posts on this blog.  However, at the bottom is a screenshot of the ‘jumping off point’ for my idea for this piece (language is a virus).  If you don’t know what these words mean, they are the traditional signs of jewelry.

In progress?: Untitled brooch (Language is a virus). Brooch. Fine silver and sterling silver. May – August 2014.

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