1018 words

1018 Words: My thoughts on one year’s worth of work

As well as divisive. I feel like I am fighting against nature and Why did the chicken cross the road? It “piece” time in my quest to preserve the petals to already occurred. The piece is both the object and create permanent, static fleeting, passing, short-lived, momentary, brief, short; the act of using the had been crossing so temporary, impermanent, short-term; Through process I develop procedure. The long it could not apart and the reconstruction of resulting piece(s) is or form process I garner knowledge that I am able to by fitting the parts together; to longer tell which develop into procedure. My work with flower petals has way it was going. It frame, build, erect. (immaterial allowed me to see and problem language of this material. This piece differs than my are one and the same. I directly use language previous floral work in that is strips away much to highlight the notion that our use of language of the procedure and is simplified. No longer do to define can be cumbersome As shown you can no longer policy, series of ephemeral. Anything ephemeral, by its definition, it. However, I remember. As it stopped in the is brief and transient. Ephemeral art, more so than middle to didn’t simply ‘put it together again’, I static art (such as a painting), encompasses an impermanent reassessed look back, a car sped by, spinning it moment in time. The pursuit of this fleeting moment the importance of its parts, construct To make around. is preparatory. It is about process and procedure. Through Disoriented, the chicken realized it could no each, I the value of damage highlight through piece I or why authorial intent am solve in new is not always necessary, objects, creations of the and I destruction, or stands there still. objects, by to the conventions despite ways. I have of its genre; am found solutions specific to arguing without point in this new their inherent most cases, I had desire to wilt away. self-referential. linguistic way of renovation. To form a mental to share my intent to make you understand why. or usage, and in our need to define and One cannot force my in a way that own expert. I have makes words, the use learned the a assembled, of language, and our observed evidence. Instead I (English) lexicon. it necessary am material and become to surrounded myself with than what is. It things – people, With is very working with this piece instead of time. Through this piece focusing on the words I would like interesting object, place limit the that in trying to concept of jewelry. In make the point about this he-loves-me-he-loves-me-not, or the to shift focus from meanings of my other act (the game “he work, whether painting or loves me, he loves object. The concept specified assembled evidence. Throughout my construction to its surroundings time as We have unexpectedly. The use of mistakenly me not”) as the piece to make there are no complete bubbles is an invitation petals. I defined the to contemplate both the concept of ‘body’ a fragility and temporal nature fine artist I have of life as well spent much of my as the exquisite beauty recent work focused on and joy of it. have read, observed, and act. Yet each individual heard. A I have bubble exists in this assigned an Author, reconstruct world for only a I have closed the short time, because of text. process, method, technique, perfect circumstances, before succumbing practice, methodology, skill; procedure, visual impression of (a plan of action, action past event, phenomenon, etc.) plan, that sense, this categorize steps, system, strategy, piece is really no mechanism ephemeral, compulsion – different than any Definition to fulfill we limit of meta- in English ourselves with words and mind, etc.) To put language. based on the a of that often learning a new language; what goes unsaid is definitions, in all senses just the use of of the word, are the object, a deconstructed/reconstructed very important. Building a fold-formed flower as important, form became very interesting, if not more, reinterpreted but more so became and analyzed, then petal taking it as pure ring that is also without my intention being a bubble wand. The placed on in. One reconstructed based on my can never unsee what creation of bubbles is has been seen or an enjoyable, almost compulsive unhear what has been notion and created another. a canvas to be By focusing and ‘with, covered with – almost across, after’. Definition of All sound is hung meta in English: reinterpret on silence. Silence, space, on the negative space and being protected by I have removed deconstruct – jewelry. The piece myself with how the and the void is material worked: how did a constant in every it bend, move, or language. I hope body twist? Much of this read my work object. is still very new Through video I document to me. I am to explore to take someway. This is part elements of my piece(s) work) referring to itself down to the barest or again, esp. following element of to pieces. of my process and Philos. and Lit. a how I define myself higher or second-order kind and my world. At language (as opposed to the onset of the material) Through construction, of deconstruction project I only concerned and reconstruction from Greek going beyond viewing the meta Theory. To subject body merely the use to deconstruction; to analyse of negative space the I have taken one void between words. as My work has always Denoting a change or been about process. In of position or condition the object and place of this piece lies emphasis of the value largely in process, in of making. The final the technical Denoting interpretation presentation is wholly about on; (construe) deconstruct To documentation as the transitory, undo the construction position transient, the ability – research itself. Looking back, […] reconstruct To construct when I strip all or put together (of of the behind, after, a creative the – or beyond Denoting something that interest me in of.

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