(work in progress) “RE: 5 Memos for the New (sic) Millennium”

(title in progress) “RE: 5 Memos for the New (sic) Millennium”

THIS. (in progress)

1. questioning

2. mindful (over mind-full) …. light?

3. accessible

4. experimental (process over product)

5. ……… uncompromising?

5/23: RE: no. 5 … how can one be both accessible and uncompromising?  But I would like to have conviction in my work. A belief, in something.

“I think the variety in coverage also reflects a constellation of questions raised in the discussion, questions that always seem to come up whenever contemporary jewellery is discussed, and that have to do with identity: Is jewellery art or design? Should we call it author jewellery, contemporary jewellery, art jewellery, studio jewellery, or something completely different? Furthermore, what will it take to get the ‘message’ of contemporary jewellery out there, to get people to see that contemporary jewellery can be ‘cool’ or ‘sexy’, and that it has meaningful stories to tell about the body and the world?”

See: Italo Calvino: Six Memos for the Next Millennium

Photo: Staal, Gert, and Ted Noten. “In Celebration of the Street: Manifesto of the New Jewellery.” Metalsmith, 2007.

Quote: Gali, André . “After the End of Contemporary Jewellery.” Norwegian Crafts. http://www.norwegiancrafts.no/magazine/01-2014/after-the-end-of-contemporary-jewellery (accessed May 14, 2014).

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