(Re)birth of a form


When is painting finished? A form complete? Since I am using my “scraps” to form new pieces, I feel a bit more… able… to cut them up and reassess if I feel it necessary.  It isn’t that I don’t find these pieces ‘precious.’  Far from it, actually.  I am holding on to their spare parts and giving new life to them.  Life. Death. Rebirth.  With this particular piece I felt like I went too far and became disconnected with the form.  The combination of that feeling, reading/researching, and writing about this work lead me to dismantle the piece.  I decided I liked it better a few “stages” back.  And now, I’ve begun to see that these objects are (will be) actually complete in the photo, with the shadows.


And what happened to the little tidbits I cut off? They are actually now part of objects similar to this one.


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